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2018 Theatre Lee Moon Sae in Vancouver

꼭 한번 이문세
공연을 처음 본다면, 꼭 한번
공연을 자주 본다면, 꼭 한번

이문세 콘서트가 오랫동안 사랑받는 이유는
최선을 다하여 최고를 만들기 때문입니다

아름다운 노래와 연주 다채로운 춤과 영상
관객들의 박수와 미소가 한데 모여
최고의 순간으로 기억에 남게 될
2018년 가장 특별한 하루

언제나 그렇듯
2018 TEATRE 이문세
역시 최선을 다해 만드는
최고의 공연이 될것입니다.

4월, 밴쿠버의
봄을 기다립니다.
꽃이 피면
The Centre 에서 뵙겠습니다.

Lee Moon Sae has no rival among Korean artists with his unequaled achievement. Since the debut in 1983, he fully showed off his musical talent with records, concerts and broadcasts, and that’s what made his name, Lee Moon Sae, is stamped as NO.1.

His mainspring is the hit songs he wrote in the time when only pop songs were sold in the Korean music market in 1980s. Beginning with a big hit of the song‘I don’t know yet’, written by Lee Moon Sae and his partner Late Lee Young Hoon, who passed away, he earned the support from the youth teenagers. In addition, his songs were good enough to satisfy listeners of higher music taste and, the listeners were craving more of his musics. He released countless mega hit songs since then, and it never disappointed audience.

Many critics says, ‘Lee Moon Sae is the person who settled ballad, the important part of pop musics, in Korea.’ ‘The korean pop music is hard to define without mentioning Lee Moon Sae and the Late Lee Young Hoon.’ ‘His musics were remarkable, so he grabbed Korean’s attention from international pop musics to Korean musics.’

The supports from the public’s to Lee Moon Sae is still delightful. His glory, shared with Late Lee Young Hoon in 1980, seems like it’s still going on. Many young artists remake his songs to honor him. They sing the beautiful songs of Lee Moon Sae, meanwhile, his originality, which no one can copy, was exposed again. His music was so popular to every age group, from teenagers to elders, and became a legend.

The meanings of concerts to Lee Moon Sae are the reason of his life and the endless challenge that he has to accomplish until the end. He believes a music concert has the strongest power of communication with listeners.

He will break another legendary record with concert <2018 Theatre Lee Moon Sae in Vancouver>

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